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7-digit investment in future technology genetic testing

Medical diagnostics is undergoing a groundbreaking digital revolution and a visionary Austrian company is leading the way in personalized medicine. In concrete terms, Platomics is developing a digital platform for the analysis of genetic data. This enables the genetic blueprint to be deciphered and better understood.

The technical background

The sequencing of the human genome for personalized diagnosis generates huge amounts of data. In recent years, new sequencing technologies have made it relatively easy and fast to read these data. For the interpretation of the data, however, highly complex analysis procedures are necessary. Genetic tests are already standard in special application areas such as prenatal tests or cancer diagnosis. However, genetic testing is still too cost-intensive in everyday medical practice.

Why genetic testing?

If correctly interpreted, genetic tests can help to better understand the development of diseases and thus significantly improve diagnosis and therapy. The effects and side effects of drugs are also significantly influenced by the genetic blueprint. Dr. Albert Kriegner, CEO of Platomics, says that the broad application of genetic tests is therefore imminent: "We are undergoing medical, technological and regulatory upheaval. Groundbreaking findings will fundamentally change medical diagnostics in the coming years. Platomics is at the forefront of shaping this paradigm shift towards personalized medicine. Our vision is to make a genetic test as affordable and easy to obtain as a conventional blood test." Platomics is a spin-off of the renowned Austrian Institute of Technology, where Kriegner headed the Department of Bioinformatics.

The product in practice

Diagnostic laboratories of physicians and hospitals already use the platform for standardized and validated analysis of their genetic data. An exchange with genetic centers enables a practical implementation of the platform. Customers particularly appreciate the extraordinarily high precision, sensitivity and user-friendliness combined with maximum data security. In the end, the patient and the healthcare system benefit from tailor-made diagnostics, therapy and medication.

Next Steps

The investment will expand Platomics' activities in the core areas of regulatory compliance, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, data security, software development and bioinformatics.

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