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Moving your laboratory-developed test to IVDR compliance with Twist Bioscience, the Johner Institute and Platomics
Webinar Description

From May 26th, 2022, laboratories and health institutions that offer lab-developed tests (LDTs) in Europe will have to show compliance with the “General Safety and Performance Requirements” as laid out in Annex I of the IVDR.

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear how Platomics and Twist Bioscience are partnering to deliver an integrated solution, combining Twist NGS kits with Platomics regulatory services.

  • Learn about the regulatory background on the IVDR requirements and how to tackle them using the Platomics PlatoX® GSPR Assistant.

  • See how your laboratory can generate complete IVDR-compliant documentation for LDTs, starting with a best practice workflow based on Twist products.

  • Find out how Twist and Platomics can help you get your exome and custom assays IVDR compliant.


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