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Strategy Wizard Sneak Preview 

Not sure how to begin IVDR documentation of your in-house tests?  

What you need is a strategy. This interactive wizard will get you started with basic IVDR know-how and then lead you straight to the right strategy for your lab.  

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IVDReady and PlatoX® IVD Assistant

The purpose of the IVDReady webinar series below is to guide labs as they progress through IVDR documentation for their
in-house tests.
Each webinar informs you about the next steps and demonstrates how to get them done efficiently on our platform.
To begin IVDR technical documentation for your lab’s in-house tests parallel to the webinar series, register here for access to PlatoX®IVD Assistant.
Registration and use of IVD Assistant will remain perpetually free of charge for diagnostic labs for the purpose of IVDR documentation of in-house tests.

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IVDReady Webinar Series

Watch the webinars and get started on documenting your in-house tests.

We provide the structure, the know-how and the tools for getting IVDR compliance done – free of charge for health institutions.